The Restor platform interface showing how different data can be visualized

Access ecological insights at the site level, to show current and potential tree cover, which species of flora could exist, and how much potential carbon could be stored.

The Restor platform displaying a timelapse of satelite photography

Upload and monitor data from restoration sites to better track development and impact.

The Restor platform displaying a map of restoration sites around the world

Share ecological information with partners, other restoration organizations, and the public to accelerate learning and progress.

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In October, Professor Tom Crowther announced Restor and our mission behind the platform during the TED Countdown Event.

Get Involved

Are you planning or managing an ecosystem restoration project?

Stay up to date with Restor. We are working with restoration projects, communities, scientists, and environmental organizations around the world to beta test versions of Restor as we prepare for a global launch in 2021 to support the beginning of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Fill out this form to get involved with our science partners at the Crowther Lab, ETH Zurich and head here to learn more about their work with Restor.

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